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Juices V's Smoothies


Juices V Smoothies 17/06/2014

Are you confused about how to drink your fruit and veg?

Why do we use pulp free juices??

In this week’s blog we explain why we prefer juices for cleanses and the pro’s and con’s of each method.

Here at Juice Philosophy we recommend juices or smoothies as a positive way to get good nutrition into your system in a fast, convenient and tasty way, but which is best?

We don’t necessarily prefer juices, but we have a reason why we use smooth, pulp free juices for our detox plans. When you are doing a juice cleanse an important part of the process is to give your digestive system a break, freeing up energy to cleanse  and revive your body. A smooth juices with no pulp will give you the quickest method of getting maximum nutrition and live enzymes to your cells within 15 minutes. This is why we use juices in our juice cleanse detox plans. 

We have heard of people detoxing on smoothies, but they often have negative side effects due to the amount of fiber being consumed such a bloating, gas and emergency toilet visits at inconvenient times! Not ideal! So if you’re thinking of doing a cleanse and drinking just juice for a few days or more we highly recommend you drink juice, especially if you’re planning on continuing your usual work routine and not taking a break or holiday.

If however you are after a healthy way to get good nutrition into your body on a daily basis we recommend either. Both smoothies and raw fresh juices are very easy and delicious ways to infuse your body with lots of healthy nutrients and are a quick way to consume some or all of your 5 a day portions of fruit and veg.

Whether you juice or blend you will be improving your health by giving your body these nutrient packed drinks regularly. By making them part of your regular routine you will: 

  • Increase your fruit & veg intake
  • Make it easy and quick for your body to absorb the nutrients in a liquid form
  • Reduce sugar & processed food cravings and curb appetite because you will be nourishing your body and cells with what they need – micronutrients.

Here's a comparison table to help you make the decision: 




Nutritional content / concentration

Higher as more produce goes into the same volume of juice. More nutrients will be absorbed as very little digestion is needed. Absorbed to cellular level within 15 mins if drunk on an empty stomach.

Less than juice as less produce makes the same volume and the body needs to break down the fiber so less nutrients are absorbed, but still a quick and efficient way to get nutrition into your body.


No solid fiber is in the juice, so you need to make sure you are getting your fiber / roughage from the other food you consume.

The whole fruit or veg is generally blended together so fiber is included.  Smoothies, fruit and veggies only take about 45 mins to digest so don’t drink a smoothie after food as it will ferment in the system behind the other food which take longer to digest. A smoothie fills you up more due to the fiber.


Slightly higher as you need to use more produce per serving.

Juicing machines generally cost more than blenders.

Slightly less as you generally use the whole fruit or veg with little wastage. Blenders are quite cheap to buy.

Adding other ingredients

Limited options, drinking the pure juice is best. However you could add your fresh juice to a smoothie recipe.

More options to add nuts, nut butters, seeds, milks, juices & health powders etc.



It is a bit more time consuming to clean a juicing machine as there are more parts.

*Top tip, use nappy bags to catch the pulp as a cheap and convenient way to save time.

It’s quick to clean a blender by blending hot water and soap following your smoothie.

Produce you can’t juice or smoothie

You can’t juice bananas or avocados.

Beetroot or carrots don’t blend especially well but I have seen some recipes include them.


Drinking some of your 5 a day can make consuming leafy greens more palatable, add them to both smoothies or juices for high nutrient content. You don’t get much juice from leafy greens, so add them to other things. If adding to a smoothie blend the leaves such as Kale or Spinach to the liquid ingredient and blend first until smooth before adding other ingredients.

Another tip is creating ice cubes made from blended leaves and water to add to smoothies at a later date, it can me a convenient way not to waste your greens and also make your smoothies cold.



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