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How to survive your first juice cleanse

How to survive your first juice cleanse 01/07/2014


If you’re new to juice cleansing I have some tips to share with you.

Many people don’t prepare and just dive straight in, however if you think ahead and plan for it, the whole experience should be easier and you should get better results. 


Clear your social calendar

Not entirely but of any engagements involving eating or drinking alcohol, I advise this not only for the cleanse itself but during the few days before and afterwards too. This can sometimes be he most challenging part! Arrange outdoor activities or tea dates with friends.


Try 3 days first

I would recommend 5 days but if this feels like a stretch you can begin with a short cleanse, even 1 or 2 days at first, see how you feel and slowly build it up over time as you become more used to it and prepared.


Mind set / will power

Everything becomes easier if you believe you can do it. Really focus on the reasons you want to cleanse and the results you want to achieve. Stay positive, and tell a few people so they can support you. Cleansing with a partner or friend can make it easier.


Clean out the fridge

Where possible remove any tempting food or drinks from your environment, if you live with your partner, family or friends this can be challenging but tell them what you want to achieve so they can support you.


Rest and Relaxation

A lot happens in your body when cleansing so be prepared to take it easy if you feel overwhelmed, listen to your body.


Keep your mind busy

You don’t want to feel bored or thoughts of food may creep in, think about a book you’ve been meaning to read or some films or TV shows you want to watch, education or personal development or even a list of people you’re been meaning to call or visit and schedule them into your cleanse days.



Everyone is different, all I advise is listen to your body, if you feel normal or even energized go ahead with your usual routine, but if you have headaches, pains or feel wiped out try something more gentle like yoga, swimming or walking. If that’s the case, don’t panic, it’s a sign the detox is working and you will feel better after a day or two.


Rid toxins

There are many ways you can aid the detox process to further encourage the removal of unwanted toxins. Consider being prepared and booking a colonic or doing a home enema, a lymph massage, visiting a sauna and dry body brushing each day before you shower.



Healthy cells require oxygen, try a breathing exercise or meditation techniques to quiet the mind and oxygenate the body.


Plan your post detox menu

You should plan to break the fast over twice as many days as you fast, initially you should stick to the foods you’ve been drinking so fruit and veggies and slowly introduce other foods. You can stick to juice or smoothies for 1 or 2 meals a day initially. Plan your meals and shopping list post cleanse.


Good luck, you can do it!!!


If you have any further questions about juicing, health or nutrition please contact us.