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How to keep weight off after a juice cleanse detox

How to keep the weight off after a juice cleanse detox 14/07/2014

Do you want to make sure you get the most from your detox?

Some of my clients use juicing as a weight management tool, they know they will go back to their old eating habits and they’re happy with that, they just return to a cleanse when their jeans get too tight or before a holiday.

But others are searching for a solution that lasts. I really want to help people with achieve long lasting results, which is one of the reasons I offer coaching and juice cleanses.  Coaching can help you make lasting behavior changes where you have struggled in the past. However here are some tips for all the cleansers.

Plan for it

People often don’t plan before or after their cleanse, when you book with us we send you a cleanse guide which should help you prepare and plan for your pre and post cleanse menu. Start by eating the foods you’ve been drinking, so fruits and veggies and slowly introduce other foods. Having juices or smoothies for 1 or 2 meals a day at first is advised. Plan your shopping list.

Re introduce food slowly

You should plan your post cleanse phase to be twice as long as your fasting period. Sometimes the biggest challenge is clearing your social calendar but it will be worth it, of course you can still see people, but try not to jump straight back into eating out and drinking alcohol or caffeine.

Mind set / will power

You will have proved to yourself you can live without all your usual vices, use this empowerment to stay on track, notice how good you feel and call on these feelings at times of weakness.

Common sense

There are 2 things I often say to people:

  • If you eat what you ate before, you’ll weigh what you weighed before.  (Pretty quickly!)
  • Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is the first sign of madness.

This is where common sense has to play a part, you can’t detox, lose the weight then go straight back to how you behaved before and expect to keep it off, so use it as a kick start to make some good healthy changes to our daily patterns. 

Eat Mindfully

We all eat unconsciously, at our desks, in front of the TV, looking after the children etc. When you can, stop what you’re doing and focus only on your food. You’ll find your taste changes and you’ll notice whether you actually enjoy the food or not, when you’re full up and most importantly if you’re eating something you know is bad for you and you only focus on that it will not be as appetising I promise! If you find this doesn’t work you may be using food as a comfort for some other issue, it’s worth digging deeply to get to the bottom of it, coaching is a great way to find the cause and rebuild new behaviours.

Reduce cravings

The less sugar, alcohol and processed food you eat the less you crave them, if you replace them with nutritious alternatives following your cleanse, your body will be nourished and won’t crave them anymore. Try smoothies, nuts, seeds or anything natural.

Good Pro Biotic

We recommend you invest in some good probiotics following your cleanse to replace all the good bacteria in your gut, especially if you have chosen to eliminate with colonics or enemas. Having a healthy gut helps keep weight off and strengthen your over all immune system. We recommend eating small meals and taking a pro biotic with each meal. Ask for advice in your local health food shop, we recommend 10 billion + cultures.

Another resource that will help you is our 10 top tips for body fat reduction. Good luck!

I am always full of joy when my customers share their results with me, it truly lights me up so please let me know how you get on.