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6 unexpected & amazing side effects of juice cleansing

6 unexpected & amazing side effects of juice cleansing 28/07/14

Lots of people turn to juicing for the weight loss benefits, which I’m pleased about because it’s a healthy way to lose weight. However, if done properly there are many other benefits, some of which were a pleasant surprise to me when I first tried it. I now cleanse for at least 5 days every 6 months and when ever I want to manage my weight or be in control of a situation.

So what are these benefits?


Coping with day to day stresses

Sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods in the Western diet all contribute to adrenal fatigue, when you remove these substances the adrenal gland has a chance to reboot, a healthy adrenal enables you to deal with daily stresses of life.

Rational mind

The same toxins mentioned above cloud our perception and alter the way we react to things, when I cleanse, everything becomes logical and clearer in my mind, it’s liberating.

Emotional release

Years of experiences and emotions become part of our body, they can become stored in the cells containing toxins. When you work to release the toxins it’s possible feel strong emotions such as anger, anxiety or fear, you can sometimes feel the toxins and emotions being released as aches and pains in the body. Allowing this process can feel like a huge weight lifting as you move into the later parts of the cleanse.


By going without solid food and noticing how amazing you feel you become extremely aware of how much (or little) food you actually need and how certain foods affect you, following a cleanse it should be easier to make healthy choices and lifestyle changes.

Energy & alertness

Some people feel exhausted if there’s a lot of emotional energy shifting or it’s their first cleanse, by the end you should feel an increase in energy and alertness so much so that other people notice it too! 


Processed foods, as mentioned above, can cloud our thoughts and make us feel lethargic; cleanses clear the fog and replaces the feelings with alertness, mental clarity and space for creativity becomes very apparent.

Most of my surprise benefits are mind related, there are also many physical ones too such as glowing skin and healing but the mental ones don’t get as much press, so I wanted to highlight them.

The Juice Philosophy tag line ‘revive your body and mind’ reflects all benefits of juice cleanse detoxing.

What’s on your mind? Could a juice cleanse detox help you?


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