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5 Keys to optimal (cell) health

5 Keys to optimal (cell) health 12/08/14

Disease begins at cellular level. Keeping your cells healthy will in turn help keep you from disease.


If you look at global eating and working habits they are correlated to global illness and disease.

Global Obesity Chart


Global Working Hours chart


Global Cancer Chart


Global Diabetes Chart


How can we change this negative pattern? 

The 5 keys listed below can help fight or prevent illness and disease; we recommend you are mindful of these on a daily basis.

1. Oxygen - Not breathing right and starving the body of oxygen can cause sever health risks, please ensure you breathe deeply, meditation and yoga can help with this practice. You can focus on your breathing at any time during your day. If you happen to feel stressed for any reason we tend to breathe more shallow short breaths, at times like this it's important to notice what you're doing and breathe deeply and consciously. Many diseases form in anaerobic conditions, they thrive there, if your body is fully oxygenated disease will find it difficult to manifest.

2. Water- Every function in our bodies takes place in water, the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all cells as well as removal of toxic waste. We are 70% water, the Brain is 80% water, it is very important to refresh this daily by drinking enough fresh filtered water or herbal teas. 2 liters per day is recommended, more if you’re exercising.

3. Nutrients - The highest form of nutrition comes from raw/live foods, such as vegetables and fruits, please incorporate these into your day. You can feed your body at cellular level in 15 minutes if you consume raw cold pressed juices on an empty stomach. We recommend you incorporate healthy drinks such a freshly pressed juices or smoothies into your daily routine.

4. Mindset - Negative thoughts or stress can impact the health of your body. If you are feeling stressed about anything it is vital that you address the cause and rid the negative mindset, energy and emotions. There are many ways this can be achieved, meditation or perhaps coaching or counseling if you need a helping hand.

5. Alkalinity - The blood's optimal pH is slightly alkaline, this enables blood cells to keep negative ions on the outside, which keeps them separate from each other allowing them to move freely around the body and through complex, fine capillaries. If the body becomes acidic it works extremely hard to neutralize it by using it's own reserves of calcium and other minerals, over time this can lead to bone disorders or other illness'. If your blood becomes acidic it strips the negative ions from the blood cells, they are then attracted to each other forming clots, which can lead to a number of serious conditions. It’ important to help the body stay alkaline by eating the right food. Drinking lemon water on rising is a quick way to improve your blood alkalinity. Processed foods cause an acid environment and should only be eaten in moderation.

If you are oxygenated, hydrated and are fed with good living nutrition, you have limited stress and your body is an alkaline environment 75% of the time your cells will be healthy and you will have a much greater chance of avoiding or combating disease.

My passion for helping people achieve health results began when I needed to heal myself from over working, eating and drinking due to my old career in financial services in the city of London, working in FTSE 100 companies. I discovered juicing and yoga retreats where I learnt the benefits of rebooting the system by creating an alkaline environment and giving the digestive system a break as well as reducing stress. The path I took not only helped he heal myself but lead me to a new career where I help people on a daily basis. The benefits can not only be seen while doing a juice fast, you can incorporate the 5 keys into your daily decisions to optimize your health. They summaries the work I do both in my juice cleanse plans and health coaching programs.