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How NOT to set goals

How NOT to set goals 29/09/14

Have you ever set yourself a goal? How did you get on? People often set them selves a goal and fail to achieve it, but why?

Are you getting too bogged down with measures such as SMART? Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based. Or are you simply not connected to or excited enough about it?

In coaching it’s all about setting goals you’re fired up about and taking the necessary actions to reach them. A good coach will help you to achieve positive changes by using tools to evaluate your past and current situation, review different areas and aspects of your life, highlight areas you’d like to improve and how they all interlink with each other. Once you have a clearer picture it’s then easier to prioritise what needs attention and start making positive changes in behavior to move towards your desired outcome. The coach will help you explore all possibilities and pick the right one for you and will of course keep you accountable as the weeks go by, reviewing your progress, re-evaluating and re-setting actions for the coming weeks.

I saw a great clip on you tube I wanted to share with you, it highlights that we often set our selves unexciting goals and can therefore lose momentum or enthusiasm for them over time.  For example, a common goal might be to ‘lose 10lb.’

Think about that for a moment, it just sounds so negative and unexciting, in this clip Brendon Burchard, author and public speaker on motivation and high achieving, shows you how to re phrase that same goal into something fun, exciting and that you will want to continually work towards rather than being so dull and negative.

We also need to dig a little deeper and ask ourselves WHY we want to achieve the goal. Let’s stay with the weight loss goal as an example. Why do you want to lose 10lb? What will this give to you when you reach it?

It could be so you feel more energetic day to day, more healthy, or it could go deeper, it might be because you’re single and want to attract your dream partner, or it will give you the confidence to start looking for a new job. Once you really understand the purpose of why you’re even setting this goal it becomes easier to add the sexy title to it with real feelings and emotions attached rather than the negatively phrased ‘lose 10lb’

Watch the video, I hope it helps you get excited about re phrasing some old goals you’ve not yet achieved or setting some new exciting ones.