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Meditation: Increase happiness; decrease stress

Meditation: Increase happiness; decrease stress 28/10/2014

What does meditation mean to you?? At first I pictured what I considered to be ‘strange’ people sitting cross legged chanting ‘Om’. I didn’t understand what they were doing or why. Since then I’ve dipped my toe in and discovered so much more…

I decided to write to you this week, about meditation, as I was re-inspired to try this again by a friend of mine, I hadn’t seen him for about 15 years. We used to go to school together and I remember sitting next to him in Chemistry A-Level and having lots of fun and banter, so I was really excited to be catching up. 15 years on and he has become an extremely successful osteopath with a practice on Harley St no less! As we caught up & nattered away he also told me about the numerous other amazing work he does and projects he’s involved with world wide, including working with India’s key parliamentary personnel, producing music, giving back to the community etc. I was amazed at how much he fits into his life, so I asked him that question, ‘How do you fit all this into your life?’

He answered with one word.


Now this didn’t surprise me as I have been dipping my toe in as I mentioned, so this was a huge nudge in the direction of ‘must try harder’ at meditation for me.

My friend incidentally teaches meditation too, yet another wonderful string to his bow, we just missed the start of his latest class but I will be sure to share that with you next time it comes around.

Re-inspired by my friend I’ve decided to take part in a guided meditation in November, Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey have joined forces to deliver free online meditation events throughout the year. The latest one begins 03/11/2014 on Energy of Attraction, manifesting your best life. Now who doesn’t want to learn how to do that? I’ve done a couple of their guided meditations before, they are approximately 15 minutes per day, Oprah gives a little overview followed by Deepak taking you into the meditation, some soothing music and they will let you know when to stop. It’s a great way to try it.

When I’ve tried meditation on my own I find my mind wanders and I don’t really know what to do, the guided meditations are a fantastic way to learn the process.

Why do I want to master this practice? I struggle sometimes with living in the now or the present, which means I worry a lot. Worry, stress or anxiety is caused my thinking about things that either happened to you in the past or things that have not yet happened in the future. By living more in the present day there is less to worry about. If you want to learn more about this I recommend the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, they are quite hard going but extremely informative.

I truly believe I’ll be a happier and more productive person if I worry less, I’m sure you would be too, so I’m going to keep chipping away at meditation until I can reap the benefits like so many others. 

If you think you could be happier and more productive if you worried less, why don’t you sign up to the free 21 day course starting 3rd November, click here, and practice with me and thousands of others, if you do, let me know what you think.