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Do you want whiter teeth?

Do you want whiter teeth? 11/11/14

I wanted to share with you a detox technique I discovered 2 weeks ago, it’s called Oil Pulling, being a detox geek I was keen to learn all about it. It’s an ancient Ayurvedic Indian folk technique, which has been around for some 1,500 years.

It involves swishing a tablespoon of vegetable oil around the mouth for 10-20 minutes on an empty stomach and then spitting it out. This process is believed to remove many toxins and bacteria from the mouth improving not only oral health by promoting healthier gums, preventing bad breath and whiter, brighter teeth but also many other health benefits such as reducing headaches, sinus problems and improving complexion and the lymphatic system. I can tell you that it certainly is a work out for your facial muscles.

I have been using coconut oil as it tastes quite nice, but any good quality cold pressed organic virgin oil is fine, such as olive, sesame or vegetable.

The oil pulling process kills pathogenic microorganisms, or simply removes them, giving a positive effect on the composition of bacteria in the mouth.

Research confirms oil pulling’s benefits to oral health to be as effective as mouthwash, but with out the harsh side effects that mouthwash has. My dentist told me recently not to rinse with mouthwash after brushing my teeth as the enamel on my teeth is quite thin and the chemicals in the mouthwash strip it away. We know ridding our mouth from bacteria is a good idea but at what cost? As this solution removes harmful bacteria and toxins and promotes healthy gums and teeth I’ll be swapping the mouthwash for oil pulling permanently.

During the process the oil becomes white with the toxins and must NOT be swallowed. I recommend spitting it into a tissue and throwing in the bin as this toxic solution can block pipes! (Especially coconut oil as it becomes solid at temperatures below approximately 22 degrees centigrade, if you’re in the UK like me that’s 90% of the time! The coconut oil does liquefy in the mouth after a minute or two.) Brush your teeth as normal afterwards.

Since practicing this each day as I shower in the morning for 2 weeks I have noticed that my teeth have become whiter, and my mouth does feel fresh and healthy. I’ll know how healthy my teeth and mouth have become at my next dentist check up in March. I’ll keep you posted.

I will also be recommending this as one of the additional ways to encourage the detox process during a juice cleanse.

Happy experimenting!