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What's your opinion on coaches? (Not the vehicle kind!)

What’s your opinion on coaches? (Not the vehicle kind!) 04/12/2014

What’s your knowledge base or opinion on coaching? Do you see it as something for sporting heroes or CEO’s of world leading companies only?

In the UK my perception is we’re a little behind America and Australia when it comes to coaching or any kind of personal development or improvement. I have found this since starting my own journey 3 years ago. A majority of Brits see asking for help as a weakness, or believe there’s no one out there who can help them. Both of course are nonsense. Who wouldn’t want to be themselves only better?!

You can find a good coach or mentor in just about anything. Being part of an online entrepreneurial community, I’m flooded with offers of help and advice and wonderful services every day. Do you want to lose weight or improve your health? You may need a health coach like me. Do you want to escape your day job and set up your own business but don’t know where to start, well then you need a start up coach.

An athlete like Andy Murray or an Olympic gold medalists need coaches to help them improve physically but increasingly now it’s being made more public about their mental coaches too, the right mind set is so important in achieving anything. You may have heard of Steve Peters, he’s the mind coach for Ronnie O’Sullivan and Victoria Pendleton to name a couple. His analogy of the ‘inner chimp’ allows him to re-train the negative chat in your mind and re frame it to believe only positives.

Understanding someone’s inner dialogue and where it’s come from is an important part in any coaching relationship. Once understood, you work together to change and be more positive. Your mind is like any muscle in your body, if you keep exercising, it will change shape for the better.

The key is not to try and change too many things at once and cause overwhelm. A coaching relationship will work with you at your pace and will work on a small number of actions each week; which move you towards your desired outcome or goal.

One of the keys to a successful coaching relationship is they keep you accountable. It’s all very well saying to your self ‘I’ll do X by Y date” but if there’s no one checking up on you will you really achieve what you want to or will the days, weeks and months slip by with no action or results? If this sounds familiar the other important factor in getting results is investing in a coach, you may feel like it’s a lot of money, but every penny you spend is a direct investment in YOU.

Think about the perceived value of that for a moment. Why do people pay for personal trainers for example? We all know if we exercise we will feel better and should lose weight, so why do people pay for someone to tell them what they already know? It’s he INVESTMENT that drives them, they’ve paid the money, they want to get the most out of it so they do what they’re told and the results follow. The personal trainer keeps them accountable. Coaching follows the same principle. Often the more you pay for coaching the faster you see results because you want to get a good return for your investment so you’re invested in the process and do your homework. It’s a win-win.

When you’re sitting and planning out your goals for next year, have a think if any coaches could help you achieve your desired outcomes, the investment will be in you and I promise it will be worth it.

If you’re interested in improving your health visit my coaching page.

If you need any help finding a coach I’d be happy to help, drop me a line about what you’re looking to achieve and I’ll try my best to find a good fit.

Finally, if you have an idea for your own business but don’t know what to do about it, my good friend and coach Stephanie Holland may have exactly what you need. Her wealth of experience has helped me on my business journey and continues to do so.

Check out her free guide here: http://wildvisionstrategy.co