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6 ways juicing changed my life, not just my body

6 ways juicing changed my life, not just my body - 27/02/2015

Many people only see juicing as a quick fix for weight loss. It is, a healthy one too. But juicing/fasting has been around for thousands of years and has many other benefits. Here are some ways it’s improved my life since I discovered it 4 years ago.


We’ll start with the popular one first ;)

I initially turned to juicing when I was feeling exhausted, unhealthy and overweight. I was working in Financial Services Sales in the city of London and gave little thought to what I ate and drank. I also did a lot of client entertaining which wasn’t good for the waist line. I took myself on a detox holiday and have never looked back. The initial experience was challenging but I was thrilled to have lost 5lb in 5 days by the end of the juice fast. My body and mind felt better than it had done for some time. I was so happy to have found a healthy way to lose excess unwanted pounds; quickly getting the results I was after.

Mental clarity

During my first cleanse one of the side effects I didn’t expect was the calmness, sharpness and general mental clarity you have. It’s something that can’t really be explained, you have to experience it for yourself. The first few days can be a little foggy if your system is clearing out junk, but by day 4/5 you are literally bouncing with energy and your head is crystal clear. I have turned to a juice cleanse when facing difficult periods in my life, once the fog lifts, everything becomes manageable and good decisions can be made.

My taste and education around food

Growing up I was a fussy eater; my Mum would worry as I ate very few vegetables until my late teens. As an adult I didn’t think too much about what I ate or what each item of food was doing for me. There’s little education on nutrition from schools so it’s down to you to find out, which can be challenging, as there are so many conflicting diets out there!

Since finding juicing my tastes in food have changed. After my first cleanse my cravings for the bad stuff like sugar become under control. I didn’t eat chocolate for 4 months, this to me was a miracle! I now eat everything in moderation, but what I eat on a regular basis has entirely changed. I have of course educated myself, which makes it easier to understand why you should and shouldn’t eat certain foods. As a result I crave the good, not the bad stuff now.

I also get feedback from my juicing customers that they too find themselves eating the produce that goes into the juices following a juice cleanse and feeling better for it.


I used to suffer with what I thought was ‘hay fever’ however I needed to take antihistamine every day, even through the winter when there’s no pollen around. I don’t know exactly what caused the hay fever type symptoms but I do know that since I’ve started to eat properly I don’t get them anymore, even in the height of summer. Dr’s have very little training around nutrition and don’t actually try to find the cause; they will ‘treat’ your symptom with medication, which is actually just masking the issue. Question the symptoms you have, you may be able to solve it by improving your diet. 

My career

Juicing lead me to launch Juice Philosophy, my company. I have found a true passion in juicing and the benefits and nutrition in general and wanted to share this and help others. I loved every second of my training and what I do now. The best part is hearing how well my customers do and their results. Helping people look and feel their best through juice cleanses and coaching; it’s an amazing job, I feel very lucky.

I’m working to create some online information products too this year so I can reach more people and help others make the lasting changes they want, but need a little help, education and advice to do so. You’ll be the fist to know when they’re ready.

Peace of mind & confidence

My knowledge base and the fact I know I am now feeding my body well gives me peace of mind both about the way I look, (I weigh what I weighed at the age of 17 at the age of 37!) but more importantly my health. I feel great and full of energy. It’s really quite empowering when you’re not worrying about the way you look, your weight or your health.

If there are any topics you would like me to cover in the blog or any questions you’d like to ask me please feel free to drop me a line at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .