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7 mind sets for weight loss

7 mind sets for weight loss 27/03/2015

There are so many diets, exercise trends and food fads constantly in the press, each time we read them we think ‘this could be the one!’ that will transform us into the vision we hope for. However looking and feeling your best, healthiest and happiest self, and remaining there, isn’t about the latest fad, it’s about learning what’s best for you and practising it on a daily basis along with a large portion of self love.

Here are seven things I remind my clients when they're on a weight loss journey:

1. Inner change comes before outer change

Listen to how you speak to yourself, observe your thoughts. Often those thoughts can be negative, work hard to re write what you say to your self, a good way to do this is by imagining you’re talking to a close friend. Speak to your self with love and compassion. You can't move forward if you don't think you can, thinks it’s too difficult or don’t think you deserve it. Think of those Loreal adverts, YOU’RE WORTH IT!!!

2. You can change your story at any moment

Think of where you’d like to be and start your journey today. Erase the old tape that's been playing in your mind and choose to see things differently. We always have a choice. Choose self-kindness. Choose a new ending.

In the words of Maria Robinson, "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

3. The number on the scale won't make you happy

Weight loss alone won't make you happy. Many things contribute to how you feel and your happiness. Choose positive relationships, review your career and / or purpose in life and nourish your body with exercise, words that inspire and nutritious foods that have a positive effect and feed your body, not empty calories from processed food.

4. Gratitude for everything you have now 

Take a step back and appreciate exactly who you are, as you are and what you have right now. What are you grateful for about your body? Your strong arms? Your vision? That you’re able to walk and run? The sun shining today? There's always something to be grateful for. If you have a day when the negative self chat creeps back, remember this exercise.

Appreciate your present and it will change and enhance your outlook. When that happens, you'll take positive actions towards your desired outcome.

5. Think about what and how you eat

Choosing real, whole, unprocessed foods is the goal in the "what" to eat. But, what about your "how"? How do you show up for your meals? Stressed, in front of the computer or TV, on the run? Most of us eat subconsciously and it’s the reason why we can eat unhealthy processed foods, it’s because we’re not paying attention! Try & focus solely on eating when you eat for a week. Turn off the computer or move away from it, take time to look at the food you’re about to eat, notice the colours and smells. As you eat notice the textures and take your time to chew each mouthful well. Take time to taste your food, and see the difference. By doing this you will notice when you’re full as well as choosing healthier foods.

6. Don't forget about the "why" of eating

We eat for so many reasons other than hunger. The most common reason I see clients overeating is to fill a void. They aren't really hungry for food, but for more love, comfort, freedom or control.

What are you really hungry for? Tune in and your answer will show up. Once it does, take time to explore what you can add into your life that would help. Add what's missing back in and see how it makes you feel.

The other reason why we eat is to nourish our bodies to keep them functioning well, remember this and look at the food you eat. Ask what benefit this food has, what is it doing for me? What vitamin or nutrition does it contain? If the answer is nothing positive think about eating something else.

7. Your body is the only one you have

We each have our own unique size and shape. Honour, accept and love and appreciate the one body you have. When you do that, your actions will align with your intention and everything will naturally fall into place.